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Honoring A Lifetime of Love

Life is a work in progress. Each day we dream, we strive, we build… and we do it all with a wonderful spirit. Sometimes we win, sometimes we lose, we celebrate, we grieve and finally we move on to eternity. We leave behind lasting memories we share with family, friends and future generations.

The tradition of creating a memorial to honor a loved one is as old as humanity itself. It is part of our natural desire to show our love and respect for those who have touched our lives. It is a powerful way to express our feelings in a creative and enduring way. No one is more experienced in helping families with memorialization than Mount Pleasant Memorials.

Throughout the ages, people have chosen to commemorate the lives of loved ones, revered and respected by erecting monuments to their memory.

When the time comes to commemorate the life of someone very special, or perhaps to plan ahead for yourself, you will want to consult with a professional memorialist. Only a professional memorialist, like Mount Pleasant Memorials, has the skills to design a memorial which will capture the memory you wish to create, literally forever!


Making memorialization a truly meaningful experience …
… means creating a personalized permanent memory of a loved one’s life.

Personalization means…

  • No other product, service, or experience available to families today is as unique as a personalized memorial by Mount Pleasant Memorials.
  • Every Mount Pleasant Memorial monument is truly personalized, and permanent…Not mass produced, not stamped out of metal, not cut out of wood.
  • From a classic yet simple marker to an elaborate statue – each is a unique one-of-a-kind celebration of a life… not celebrated for a day – but celebrated for eternity.

We have tried to make this web site as informative as possible, as well as simple to get around. Please feel free to call us with your questions.

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