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Sculpture, like painting and music, is a universal language. It tells its story to the young and the old of all lands and of all languages. A foreign-born child or elder may not decipher an epitaph or interpret the significance of a symbolic ornament, but the old and young of any nation can understand a "picture" whether it is done on canvas, engraved in parchment, or engraved in stone. In design, these sculptured memorials range from the simple headstone, or marker, to some of the most impressive monuments ever erected by man. Sculptured memorials are admittedly costlier than the conventional type of monument, but if the sculpture is etched on stone by modern methods of production, it need not be excessive in cost.

Artistic hand carving of the Holy Family

Bronze statues make beautiful additions to memorials

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Hand carved Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane



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