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How to avoid some common mistakes
When you choose a family memorial

Most people don’t know what a memorial should cost, what kind to buy,
or whether it makes sense to buy before need.  Here are ten important
things you should know about cemetery memorials – whether you buy a
small marker or a family monument.

1. Before you buy a cemetery lot, make sure you have the right to erect
the kind of memorial you want.  Most cemeteries have regulations
governing the size and type memorial you can put on your lot.  Some
cemeteries even prohibit above-ground memorialization on small lots,
insisting memorials be level with the lawn.

2. Select a permanent material – granite.  It is not difficult to
distinguish good granite.  Look for an even texture that has a flawless
finish when polished.  Such granite is free of foreign materials that
might in time mar its beauty.

3. Check the depth of the lettering and carving.  Appearances can be
deceiving.  Coloring can actually be used to add shadow and give a look
of substance to lettering.  So make sure the lettering and carving on
your memorial is cut deeply.

4. Insist on a meaningful guarantee by a responsible manufacturer.  Most
memorials carry some sort of guarantee.  But any defect is the
responsibility of the manufacturer, not the dealer or cemetery.

5. Remember size is no indication of value.  Naturally, fine granite
costs more than ordinary stone.  But equally important is the care in
cutting and polishing it.  That’s why, just as with a fine diamond, size
alone is no indication of value.  It’s better to have a smaller,
flawless memorial than a larger, imperfect stone that soon calls
attention to its “cheaper price” by staining, cracking or chipping away.

6. It is never too early to plan your future memorial needs.  Estate
planning, including memorialization, is a wise decision for individuals
of any age.

7. Make sure you buy through a reputable local dealer.  Any reputable
dealer will be happy to advise you on how to purchase the most
meaningful memorial to your loved one, and show you the quality you
should expect. You only buy a cemetery memorial once and you want it to
be a source of family pride for generations to come.

8. A memorial is a personal thing – make sure your memorial will reflect
your personality.  More than anything else you’ll ever buy, a memorial
is a personal thing; an expression of your love, your memories.  Any
good dealer will show you how symbolism, epitaphs and personalized
design express your sentiments.

9. You make only one choice – make the right one.  Whether you’re buying
a cemetery lot and memorial for future use, or buying a memorial to mark
the grave of someone dear to you, there is no reason to make a hasty
choice.  It is far more important that you make the right choice.

10. If your monument experiences any vandalism, check your homeowner’s
insurance policy, as most cover the cost of restoration.  If you notice
your monument to be unstable or off level, notify your monument dealer
right away.



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