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MEMORIAL Symbols Available

Symbols add significantly to the beauty and meaning in the design of a monument. The floral designs and ornamental emblems shown here are but a few of the many symbols used to enrich a memorial. The skill and creativity of the designer, the artistry of the master craftsman, along with input from family and friends combine to create a personalized and meaningful memorial. Please be patient- there are many images, and this page may take some time to load.
The Acanthus plant is associated with the rocky ground in the ancient Greek cemeteries- therefore the symbolism attributed to its "Heavenly Gardens." The Latin Cross and the IHS are both symbols of Christianity. The Latin Cross is most often regarded as the "True Cross" upon which our Saviour died.  The IHS is the Latinized contraction of the name Jesus (IHCOYC) in Greek.
The Bible represents the inspiration of the Holy Scriptures. It symbolizes the Divine authorship or the Word of God. The Lily, when referred to as the Easter lily, is symbolic of purity, Innocence, Our lord's resurrection and of the Blessed Virgin Mary. As the Lilium Candidum or Madonna Lily, it represents the Annunciation, Purity and Heavenly Bliss.
The Chi Rio is a contraction of the Greek Xpictoc meaning Christ. The Alpha Omega are the first and last letters of the Greek alphabet symbolizing Christ as the "beginning and the end." The Masonic Emblem is one of thousands of social, religious, civic and fraternal organizations with identifying insignia that are often used on monuments and markers. The Mason's emblems is one of the better known.
Tha Cala Lily is a symbol for Majestic Beauty and marriage, The Passion Flower is one of the consummate symbols of the story of Our lord's Passion and death. In its parts (stem, leaf, petals, etc.) it is said to contain symbology of Our Lord's Passion and Crucifixion.
The Cultivated Rose, sometimes referred to as the American Beauty Rose, is used to symbolize Everlasting Love and persons born in the month of June. The Wild Rose is an extremely popular flower that is used in many different forms in monuments design. Its symbolic meaning is "true love". In conventional form it symbolizes Messianic Promise or Our Blessed Saviour. In heraldic from it means, the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The Ivy, a popular symbol, is used to represent Memory. It can represent Friendship, Faithfulness, and Immortality (or Eternal Life). In wreath from it is a symbol for Conviviality. The Grape (True Vine) represents Our lord. It is also symbolic of the Christian Church, made up of believers in the True Vine, Jesus Christ. "I am the vine, ye are the branches." John 15:5.
The laurel symbolizes Glory, Atonement and Reward and Victory. In wreath form it is appropriate for persons with distinction in the arts, literature, military service or Christian service. The Dogwood is a symbol for Christianity, Divine Sacrifice and the Triumph of Eternal Life. In context with the Cross or Crucifixion it means Regeneration. It is the State Flower of North Carolina and Virginia.
The Fleur-De-Lys is thought to be a form of Annunciation of the Saviour. It is also the symbol of the trinity of the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Order of the Eastern Star is the women's counterpart of the Masonic Order. The five points in the emblem signify family relationship, very appropriate for a family memorial.


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