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  1. No one likes to think about his or her own death, but failure to do so makes it more difficult on the bereaved family.
  2. Choosing a family memorial is a joint decision.  Why should someone be forced to make it alone?
  3. The worst time to make a financial commitment is when there has been a death in the family.
  4. By planning in advance, you protect your family from making decisions during their time of mourning. Pre-planning allows you to take your time and decide exactly what you want, rather than having to make a quick decision at a time when they are under emotional stress.
  5. Advanced planning assures that your insurance will be used for the needs of your loved ones.
  6. Advanced planning assures a memorial of the quality you desire.
  7. There is no such thing as an "expected death". The time to act is now.

Your Life is special

Every person’s life is different, unique.  You are important to your family and friends.  The very fact you lived is worth remembering.

            A personal or family memorial crafted from granite, marble, or bronze, nature’s own eternal materials gives permanent expression to the life of a very special person, either yourself, or someone you love very much.

 Loss cannot be avoided

            Whether life extends well into the golden years, or is suddenly cut short, there is a time when it comes to an end, and arrangements need to be made.  Wouldn’t it be better to make them now, when you’re in control?  One of the easiest arrangements you can make is the pre-need selection of your personal or family monuments.  

Pre-need selection protects against rising costs.

            No one has found a way to keep costs rising year to year, but the purchase of your monuments now at today’s price is one way to thwart inflation.

 Pre-need planning shows how you care.

            Without pre-need planning, your family has yet to one more decision to make, one more task to see to, after your passing.  In their grief, they may be unable to make a wise decision.  A pre-need purchase by you relieves them of this responsibility and can even prevent possible emotional overspending.

 Pre- need purchase lets you choose for yourself.

            The choice of a monument, which is going to outlast any house or car you ever buy, should be made as carefully as any other important investment you make.  By doing it now and doing it yourself you can make some valid comparisons.

 Here are some questions to ask when you select that all important personal or family monument:

           Is the person or company selling the monument a true professional, willing to give me the time and attention I need to make the best choice for me?

            Are they knowledgeable about local cemetery restrictions and able to guide me in the selection of cemetery property that allows the kind of monument I eventually choose?  Many cemeteries do not allow upright memorials, limiting their lot owner to grass level markers.

            Are they a full service firm that offers memorials at their main business?  Do they have a shop or local arrangement for lettering and setting? 

            Can they show me a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors and are they willing to work with me to create a personalized design?

 If the answers to these questions are yes, you can be confident you are doing business with a firm that offers full value for the price and can provide the service you and your family wants for this long-term investment?

 Now is the time to select a pre need memorial to eliminate your family worry and responsibility in the future and to have the kind of monument you really want, one you have chosen for yourself.

 Love is eternal, and a pre need memorial can give eternal expression to the life and love that is uniquely yours. 



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