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When a loved one passes on, there are many details that must be
attended to all at once.  It is comforting and helpful at this sad hour
to be able to turn to a memorial dealer who can provide truly
professional advice.
    As experienced memorial consultants, we are ready to assist you in
every phase of memorialization.
    Selecting a memorial that will be a lasting and fitting tribute
requires experienced assistance.  There are many reasons why we, as
professional memorialists, would like to assist you in the selection of
your family memorial.  There are so many beautiful designs available:
large, small, simple, elaborate.  You may prefer the quiet dignity of
blue-gray Barre, Vermont granite … or one of the other beautifully
colored domestic or imported granites we offer.  In any case, a broad
price range makes it possible for you to choose a type and size exactly
matched to your means.  Many no-interest payment plans are available.
    If your family presently has a memorial on your lot in the cemetery,
we can provide expert lettering services, matching the existing
lettering on the monument.  We can also match any existing flush or
raised marker when you are ready to add a new one to your lot.  Sandblast
cleaning and restoration of monuments is also available.  We carry
cemetery vigil candles and can provide personalized corner posts and
monumental photos.
    We suggest that you visit our comfortable indoor and outdoor
memorial display at your convenience and see how QUALITY and
CRAFTSMANSHIP are portrayed in memorial design.  We are also able to
meet families at home or in any cemetery.  Transportation gladly
furnished, if need be.  Please call for an appointment or stop by during
regular office hours.
    We are in the business to serve you or provide you with any
assistance or information we may be able to offer regarding your
cemetery needs.
    We will honor any competitors’ coupons or offers you may receive in the mail.  Our in-stock monuments are always offered at substantial savings.  Thank you.



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